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Welcome to Continental Pumps. We're extending our full offering of pumps to you and hope you take advantage of some of the great deals we have to offer. Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service & Sales Departments (1-800-922-5632) with any questions -we're happy to share our knowledge of pumps with you!

Featured Pumps from Continental Pumps

Myers Seth 4 inch Double Diaphragm Pump
CALL 1-800-922-5632 FOR PRICING. Myers Seth Double Diaphragm pump - ideal for use as mud pump, sludge pump, trench pump and more heavy duty applications.
Robin Subaru PKX201
Low Cost High Quality Pump, Cast Iron Impeller
Great for draining small bodies of water like ponds and pools or supplying water to sprinklers. Ensures delivery of water at a steady pressure.
  • Type Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump
  • Suction/Discharge Size 2 inches
  • Maximum Capacity 158 Gallons Per Minute
  • Maximum Lift Head 98 Feet
  • Maximum Suction Lift 26 Feet
  • Maximum PSI (max. head/2.31) 43
    Robin Subaru PKX301
    6 Horsepower, 3 Year Warranty, Contractor Grade Pump
    Features: 3-inch suction and discharge ports, 256 gallons per minute maximum discharge capacity, 6.0 hp overhead cam Subaru engine with low oil shut-off system, Cast iron impeller and volute, Ceramic carbon mechanical seal for high durability.

    AMT 2" x 5 HP Dewatering Pump
    Plastic Construction, Ideal for Fertilizer or Corrosive Liquids
    The AMT line of Engine Driven Dewatering pumps offers economy, durability, portability and performance all in one neat package. Ideal for general purpose dewatering, irrigation, spraying, washdown and agricultural applications. Cast Iron pumps feature dual volute design that reduces radial load on engine. Pump construction materials range from Cast Iron to corrosion resistant thermoplastic components featuring removable/replaceable volutes, impellers and wearplates.
    Regular price: $715.00
    Sale price: $564.85
    3" x 5.5 HP Aluminum Trash Pump
    3" Trash Pump, Honda Engine, Carbide Seal, Will Pump Muddy Water
    High-volume self-priming centrifugal trash pumps come Cast Aluminum with Cast Iron Wearparts. All pumps feature removable/replaceable discharge and suction ports, built-in check valve, suction strainer and heavy duty steel frame. Standard with male NPT threads.
    Regular price: $1,399.00
    Sale price: $1,105.21
    AMT 3" x 1.5 HP Diaphragm Pump
    Mud Hog Pump, Perfect for Trench Work, Basement Cleanout, Pool Construction.
  • Powered by B&S and Honda Gas Engines, Yanmar Diesel, or
  • 115 VAC Weather Proof Electric Motor
  • Available in 3.5 to 5.5 HP engine, or 1.5HP motor
  • Delivers up to 88 GPM, and 11 PSI
  • Regular price: $2,600.00
    Sale price: $2,054.00
    1-1/2" x 2  HP Sprinkler Booster Pump
    Use this pump to Increase the pressure for Irrigation, Sprayers or Sprinkler Systems
    AMT Sprinkler/Booster pumps feature Investment Cast 300 Series Stainless Steel closed impellers for high efficiency and resistance against erosion caused by abrasive particles. All models self-prime to 20 feet. Single stage models feature built-in check valve to insure fast priming. Easy cleanout design includes replaceable dual volute diffuser and casing o-ring for servicing.
    Regular price: $714.00
    Sale price: $564.06
    2" x 5 HP Sewage/Trash Pump
    Cast Iron Sewage Pump for Lift Stations or Septic Tanks
    AMT Cast Iron Sewage/Trash pumps are designed for handling solid laden liquids and slurries. Cast iron construction with 2 vane Stainless Steel self-cleaning impellers, Silicon Carbide mechanical seals for abrasion resistance. Built-in check valve allows pumps to reprime automatically in an open system, without need of a foot valve.
    Regular price: $1,695.00
    Sale price: $1,339.05
    1/2 HP Submersible Pump
    Submersible Pump, Great for Flooded Basements, Holding Tanks or Pool Draining
    Slim-design, light weight CSA listed submersibles feature top discharge as well as cast-iron impellers, 304 stainless steel casing, motor housing, shaft and hardware. Pump motor protected by overload or thermal breaker. Optional float switches: The mercury free liquid level control has a piggyback plug molded to the cord allowing the pump motor to plug into the cord and then plug the entire assembly into a standard grounded outlet.
    Regular price: $555.00
    Sale price: $438.45
    3" x 2 HP Submersible Shredder Sewage Pump
    Sewage Submersible, Cutter Blades, use in Lift Stations Septic Tanks or Manure Tanks
    AMT Submersible Shredder Sewage pumps feature an enhanced spiral shredder mechanism plate and carbide tipped impeller to prevent clogging and reduce maintenance when cutting through stringy, fibrous and sludge type waste. Applications include sewage pumping stations, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, dirty water drainage, flood and emergency. Also ideal for grinder type solids reduction application.
    Regular price: $1,455.00
    Sale price: $1,149.45

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